University of Southern California


How to Search for Awards in Cayuse SP

Step 1: Go to and enter your USC issued Shibboleth Username and password.

Step 2: Click “Sign in”

Step 3: Once logged in to the system, you will be taken to the Cayuse Homescreen.

Step 4: Navigate to Sponsored Projects by clicking on the “Products” drop-down menu and click Sponsored Projects.

Step 5: On the SP Dashboard, locate and click the ‘Awards’ tab on the SP dashboard.




Step 6: On the Awards SP Dashboard, locate the search bar containing a magnifying glass towards the top of the screen. Awards may be filtered by clicking the Search box, selecting a field, and entering the desired filter criteria. 

Awards matching the filtered criteria will be displayed in the Awards List. More than one filter may be applied  (i.e. Award Title, Award #, etc.)

Note: Once one or more filters have been set, the user will have the ability to save the collected filters for later use.