University of Southern California


How to submit your event to the Research Calendar


To submit a USC Research-related campus event as a GUEST, go to the button on the right hand column in red, “Submit an Event” and log in using your Shibboleth (Or USC NetID).

Fill out all relevant fields (see detailed instructions below) then click “Submit this Event.”

Once approved by the calendar manager, events will appear in the Research Calendar.


Please note: As a security measure for the USC Guest network, if you are off-campus or using USC Wireless, you must run VPN in order to upload images to the event calendar. You do not have to run VPN if you are on a wired connection or connect through the USC Wireless Plus network.

To set up VPN go to


Step 1: Enter the event title, subtitle (if necessary), then a description location and event contact name and email.

Step 2: Add related 72 dpi (lo res) images to accompany the listing (strongly recommended!). If you upload one image, the system automatically resizes it into all three requested size formats. Note that the second size format is 233×95 pixels, a wide, short cropping that usually requires uploading a second, cropped image. If you don’t enter this second size format, the listing cannot be featured at the top of the Research Calendar page, but it will still go in the calendar. Add an RSVP email at bottom of page, if applicable.

Step 3: IMPORTANT: Make sure to select under ‘Department’, the Office of Research.

Step 4: Enter the event time and date. Choose an end time if possible, otherwise the default appears as 11:59 p.m.

Step 5: If you check the “Please consider featuring this event” box, your event may be featured on the main USC Events Calendar, pending space and timing availability.

Step 6: Click ‘Add Event’ button for event t be submitted. Once approved by the calendar manager, events will appear in the Research Calendar.

Step 7: Send an email to the Calendar Manager to notify of your submission to the queue HERE.

Best of luck with your event!

NOTE: Once submitted, event information can only be edited by the Calendar Manager; for cancellations or updates to your event, contact by email.

*Entering calendar events as a guest is best suited for one-off events sponsored by your department, institute or center.

**If you are a department, institute or center that enters events regularly you might consider requesting your own account, which would allow you to enter and edit your own events and even generate a department-specific event feed on one of your department’s web pages. Email the Calendar Manager for more information.