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svp_ScaleFunder_SelectBanner 0925Ignite USC is USC’s web platform for soliciting donations from the public at large for crowdfunded programs, which can include research, community outreach, education and other topics that benefit the university and our community.

Faculty, staff and students of USC are invited to submit ideas for Ignite campaigns. If accepted, University Advancement will work with the proposer to post the campaign on the Ignite website, and support the collection and distribution of funds once the campaign commences.

In addition to advancing meaningful projects, donations made through Ignite USC are applied toward the Campaign for the University of Southern California. All donations are tax-deductible in accordance with state and Federal law.

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How to Submit an Idea for a Campaign

Applicants submit ideas by filling out and submitting an Ignite USC Application, and providing this information:







If you do not already have a designated gift account, please contact your home department business manager. Your business manager will need to know the purpose of the gift account and your intent to use Ignite for a campaign.


Review of Idea

The Provost Office will ensure that your idea is reviewed by the appropriate unit. Please be sure that your project description clearly states its purpose and timeline, and does not commit to goals that are unachievable, or cannot be achieved if the funding target is not met.


Execution of Campaign

If your idea is accepted, the University Advancement Office will contact you to set up your Ignite campaign, and arrange for the transfer of funds to your gift account. You will be expected to use all received funds in the manner stated in your project description, and conduct your project in accordance with all applicable USC policies.


Steps for Creating and Managing a Campaign Through Ignite

Your campaign is most effective when you have an existing list of donor prospects for advertising your campaign. Here are four general steps in the process:

Crowd priming:

2. Project submission: Fill out the project submission form and wait for approval.

3. Project uploading: You will receive log-in credentials to activate your access to the platform to create your campaign.

4. Marketing: Get your project funded! Convince supporters to visit your project’s page and make their donation. A successful marketing plan might employ advertising, word-of-mouth and/or social media strategies.

Project Creator Training Guide


For More Information

Iyoni Rice, Director of University Annual Giving, University Advancement, at or (213) 740-7503.

Mark Todd, Associate Provost For Academic Affairs, Provost’s Office, at or (213) 821-4400.

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