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Kuali Coeus

Kuali Coeus (KC) is USC’s online system for proposal and award management and part of the University’s TARA project. TARA (Total Access for Research Administration) supports the management of research awards, proposals, core laboratories and regulatory protocols and includes:

• Kuali Coeus (KC) • Sophia and Effort Certification
• diSClose • iStar
• CORES • Financial Projection System (FiPS)

The Department of Contracts and Grants (DCG) offers assistance to the research community in the development and submission of proposals from within Kuali Coeus. Additionally, DCG offers guidance to researchers and administrators for post-award management within KC. To facilitate training, DCG has developed guidance to supplement the training provided by the TARA team.  As we continue to develop these materials, we will be distributing them via DCG NewsFlashes and posting to the DCG website for future reference.  

Videos & Training Guides

   KC Pre-Award KC Pre-Award S2S     KC Post-Award

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