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Glassware, Machine Shop & Equipment

Machine Shop Facilities

The College/Viterbi Machine Shop is located in the basement of Kaprielian Hall and provides machine work for research in the Viterbi School of Engineering and in the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. Services include: fabrication of mechanical parts desired out of most materials except glass. Equipment includes: milling machine, brand saw, drill press, and grinder. The shop also has CNC mills and lathes and can assist in sourcing out work for machinery for which it does not have processes; the shop also keeps a basic supply of metals and plastics.

University Park Campus
School of Cinematic Arts
930 W. 34th Street, SSC109
Los Angeles, CA 90089
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Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB) Support Core

The MCB Support Core provides support services to faculty and laboratories at the Ezralow Tower, the Norris Topping Tower, the Harlyne Norris Research Tower, and the Smith Tower at CHLA. Services include: supervision and maintenance of all shared equipment including glassware, and service contracts for heavily-used, expensive pieces of equipment such as ultracentrifuges and liquid scintillation counters, centralized supplies, including carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen, dry ice and deionized and distilled water (to Cancer Center laboratories), basic services such as routine maintenance of freezers, balances, microscopes and hoods in individual laboratories and assessment of need and recommendations for purchases of new shared equipment or services.

Health Sciences Campus
USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center
1442 Eastlake Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90090
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Structures and Materials Research Laboratory (SMRL)

The Structures and Materials Research Laboratory (SMRL) at the University of Southern California (USC) is located in the basement of Kaprielian Hall (KAP). SMRL is specially designed to conduct material, and reduced-, large- and full-scale structural testing. The laboratory is equipped to conduct research to improve the safety, sustainability and serviceability of built infrastructures. The Laboratory consists of over 4,000 ft2 of test space and associated fabrication facilities. A series of servo-hydraulic actuators with capacities ranging from 11 kips to 340 kips are available for structural testing on a large-scale reaction frame with a 30 ft. by 18 ft. footprint and a 14 ft. high L-shaped wall. Five universal testing machines with capacities ranging from 1 kips to 1,000 kips are available for mechanical characterization of materials. Additionally, one of the universal testing machines is equipped with an environmental chamber with a temperature range of -200 °F to 600 °F for thermo-mechanical testing of materials under loads of up to 110 kips. A dedicated room with all the necessary infrastructure (drains, ventilation, etc.) is available for mixing and casting cementitious materials. SMRL also has a salt spraying chamber, a moist cure chamber and two high range ovens for materials curing, conditioning and long-term durability testing. In terms of data acquisition and sensors, a wide range of instrumentation and supplemental equipment for measurements of load, deflection and strain is available.

University Park Campus
USC Viterbi School of Engineering
Kaprielian Hall, room B39
3620 S. Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90089-2531
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