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Lever for Change – Equality Can’t Wait Challenge

Slots:                                                    An Applicant can submit only one Entry. However, regional or location-specific branches of larger organizations, as well as departments, schools, and nonprofits within or based in a college/university, can each register and submit an Entry separately as the Applicant, as long as the proposed solutions are different and separate. There should be no overlap in team members. The intent of this policy is to ensure that any Applicant is concentrating its best effort into a single Entry. Overlapping membership of advisory boards is permitted. All this said, the Challenge Sponsor encourages each Applicant to select a single project that best represents its ability to deliver a solution that meets the scoring criteria.

Internal Deadline:                    Contact ORIF if interested.

Registration deadline:                January 28, 2021

External Deadline:                     February 25, 2021

Award Type:                              Grant

Estimated Number of Awards:                Up to ten Finalists will be identified and receive $1 million planning grants along with nine months of capacity-building support to further develop their project and strengthen their applications. Final Awardees will be selected from the pool of Finalists.

Anticipated Amount:                             This is a multi-phase challenge culminating in at least three Awardees receiving grants of $20 million each, and at least two Awardees receiving grants of $10 million each. These awards will be paid out over nine years to coincide with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s 100th anniversary.


Process for Limited Submissions: PIs must submit their application as a Limited Submission through the Office of Research Application Portal:

Materials to submit include:

(1) Single Page Proposal Summary (0.5” margins; single-spaced; font type: Arial, Helvetica, or Georgia typeface; font size: 11 pt). Page limit includes references and illustrations. Pages that exceed the 1-page limit will be excluded from review.

(2) CV – (5 pages maximum)

(3) A brief note from the PI’s Dean (in the “Other/Letter of Support” section of the application) that the PI has been approved as the only applicant from that Dean’s school/department.

Who May Serve as PI:                General eligibility guidelines, see website for more information.

Purpose:                                               Racial Equity 2030 is a global challenge in honor of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s 90th anniversary. It is a call for bold solutions to drive an equitable future for children, their families and communities. This $90 million challenge seeks ideas from anywhere in the world and will scale them over the next decade to transform the systems and institutions that uphold inequity. Solutions may tackle the social, economic, political or institutional inequities we see today. Teams of visionaries, change agents and community leaders from every sector are invited to join.

Visit our Institutionally Limited Submission webpage for more updates and other announcements.

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