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Managing a Scientific Laboratory

Who Should Attend

The Center for Excellence in Research is hosting USC’s lab second annual retreat onManaging a Scientific Laboratory. This all-day retreat is intended for investigators in the sciences and engineering who are establishing an experimental laboratory, including new faculty and postdoctoral scholars.

Course Description

CER has brought together USC faculty and staff experts in specific areas to provide knowledge and first-hand experiences in topics such as:

The goal of the retreat is to allow the participants to become successful in managing the resources and people within research labs, enabling significant research that puts investigators on the path toward tenure. The retreat will follow HHMI’s format for training in scientific management.

Next Course

Thursday, August 22, 2013 │ 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM │ UPC, Davidson Conference Center, Board Room

Course Materials

Retreat Agenda

2013 Presentations

Strategy and Project Management by Christine Matheson
Time Management by Yang Chai

Mentoring and Supervising Staff and Students
Recruitment & Staffing by Silvia da Costa
Research Integrity, Authroship and Attribution by Yves DeClerck

Financial Management and Budgeting
Start-up Accounts, Budgeting for Proposals and Managing Awards by Nichole Phillips, Sabrina Feeley, Janet Stoeckert

Running a Research Laboratory
Laboratory Safety by Ed Becker
Animal Research by Don Casebolt
Laboratory Notebooks and Data Management by Frances Richmond
Laboratory Transformation by Jim McElwain

Navigating the University
Core Labs and Research Funding Resources by Silvia da Costa
Research Ethics and Integrity by Susan Rose
Research Advancement by Steve Moldin
Technology Transfer by Rick Friedman

Course Registration

To register, please RSVP at least one week prior to the first class via email, indicating the course(s) you are attending, to

For information about workshops, contact the office at 213-740-6709.

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