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National Endowment for the Arts Research Labs

Slots:                                                     1                          
LOI:                                                       See ‘Attachment 4’ guidelines in PDF link below.                   
Internal Deadline:                           June 3, 2016, 5pm PDT
External Deadline:                         July 12, 2016, 11:59pm EST
Award Information:                       
Type:  Cooperative Agreement
Estimated Number of Awards: Not mentioned in proposal.
Anticipated Amount: $150,000

Cost Sharing:                             This Cooperative Agreement requires a nonfederal match of at least 1 to 1. Matching funds cannot include funds from any National Endowment for the Arts or other federal grants.

Submission Process:                PIs must submit their application as a Limited Submission through the Office of Research Application Portal:

Materials to submit:

Link to Award:                 

Who May Serve as PI:             

The official applicant must be 1) a U.S. institution of higher education, or 2) a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3), U.S. organization with their core components having research and policy as a principal focus, either as the primary work or as part of a transdisciplinary mission. This nonprofit organization also must have a three-year history of commissioning and conducting research in the behavioral or social sciences, and communicating research findings and policy implications through reports and/or convenings, at the time of application.

The official applicant must meet the eligibility requirements, submit the application, and assume full responsibility for the grant. To be eligible, the applicant organization must: (1) Meet the National Endowment for the Arts’ “Legal Requirements” at the time of application; (2) Have submitted acceptable Final Report packages by the due date(s) for all National Endowment for the Arts award(s) previously received.


The purpose of this Program Solicitation is to select an organization(s) (Cooperator) to undertake the National Endowment for the Arts Research Labs program. In brief, the Cooperator will plan and implement a research program in one of the National Endowment for the Arts’ three proposed topic areas: 1. The Arts, Health, and Social/Emotional Well-Being; 2. The Arts, Creativity, Cognition, and Learning; and 3. The Arts, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation

The research program must include these components: 1. Development of an evidence-based research agenda; 2. Planning and implementation of a research study, or a series of studies; 3. Production of at least one research report for each research study; 4. Dissemination of findings, data, and tools to project stakeholders and to the public; and 5. Preparation and delivery of a briefing to the National Endowment for the Arts on needs for continued work in the proposed research topic area, with recommendations both on how other research organizations working in the proposed research area could be better supported by the agency and how the NEA Research Lab can be sustained in the future.

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