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Patients: Find Out About Clinical Trials with USC Doctors

To help patients battling devastating diseases, USC offers innovative new surgeries, drugs, and therapies that might lead to a cure. Clinical trials at USC engage patients in finding new and better ways of treating diseases through scientific studies. For example, a trial may test the effectiveness of blood pressure medication or whether a certain drug can lower cholesterol.

Hundreds of clinical trials take place each year at the Keck Medical Center at USC and at USC/La County Hospital, giving select patients access to therapies not available elsewhere. If you are interested in participating in one of our clinical trials, please visit the following websites for more information.

Patients: Find a Clinical Trial

Clinical Trials at Keck Medicine of USC
Clinical Trials Directory
Should I Participate in Research
¿Debería participar en una investigación?
Meet a USC Patient and Doctor (video)
USC’s Policies on Conflicts of Interest
Research Match: register to become part of clinical trials
Alzheimer’s Studies: studies on preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s disease

External Resources for Clinical Research

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