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TARA Project Presentations, Documents and Archive

TARA Implementation at USC:

Presentation Archives

Research Activity Report Specification 07/07/14
TARA Post Award Presentation 04/25/2013
Research Administrators Forum 04/03/13
HSC TARA Forum 08/01/12
Research Administrators’ Forum 06/19/12
Research Administrators’ Forum 04/10/12
Tester User Group Meeting 12/2/2011
Research Administrator’s Forum 11/10/2011
KC Advisory Users Group Kickoff 10/18/2011
Kuali Coeus Kickoff 09/10/2011

Project Document Archives

TARA (Total Access for Research Administration)

Planning and Projections Project Summary 03/11/19
TARA Project Stabilization 7/9/15
Status of TARA Update 1/12/15
Status of TARA Project 10/2014
Status of TARA Project 07/2014
TARA Reporting Requirements 05/11/12
TARA 1st Quarter Newsletter 03/12
USC TARA Communication Plan 3/20/12
Post Award Fit Gaps 01/18//12
RAS System Requirements 03/7/11

Kuali Coeus (KC)

KC Award: Where Is…? 04/23/13
UPDATED- KC – USC RAS Requirements Award Accounting Processes Section 01/18/12
GAP Analysis 12/19/11
Business Process Workflow Diagrams Standard PDF 12/16/11
Planning Matrix 11/30/11
Functional Requirements- KC Assessment 07-08/11
Advance Guide to KC Post-award


COI Implementation Project Charter January 20, 2012
COI Disclosure System September 18, 2011


CORES- Core Ordering and Reporting Enterprise System

CORES Webinar at USC (Password and Login: cores)

CORES Research Administrator’s Forum 04/11/12


Effort Certification Advisory Group 04/04/12

Clinical Trial Management System

December 2014 PowerPoint