University of Southern California


Working with Industries

Industrial support very often results from initial informal contact between faculty members and industry employees. Because the primary business of industries is the provision of products, rather than the support of research, agreements between industries and universities tend to require more negotiation than other kinds of agreements. Generally, the negotiations focus on rights in data and intellectual property.

The Department of Contracts and Grants has prepared a brochure entitled “Guidelines for Externally Funded Projects” which may be provided to sponsors during initial discussions to give them a general idea as to some of the University’s requirements with respect to issues such as the right to publish and the ownership of intellectual property.¬†View this document.

View an example of a boilerplate research agreement. Although the agreement may need to be tailored in a number of ways in order to suit the needs of a particular sponsor and project, it is useful as a starting point in acquainting industrial sponsors with University policy requirements.

Steps for a PI to Submit a Proposal for Corporate or Foundation Funding