University of Southern California


Proposal Preparation

Getting Started

To prepare for the development and submission of a proposal, start by contacting your department or center administrator for assistance.  They will work with your DCG Contract and Grant Officer to facilitate proposal preparation, routing and submission. All Units are required to use Kuali Coeus Pre-Award to route and approve proposals.

To facilitate the preparation of proposals, please utilize the below proposal resources.

Proposal Preparation Resources
The Elements of a Proposal
Ethics and Compliance
Guide to Institutionally Limited Proposals
Postdoc Mentoring Narrative for NSF Proposals
Data Management Plans and Archives
Face Page Information

To facilitate the preparation of proposal budgets, please utilize the below budget resources.

Budget Preparation Resources
The Elements of a Budget
2019 NIH Salary Cap
Guide to Cost Sharing
Budget Development Guidelines
Proposal Rates at a Glance
Minimum Salaries for Graduate RA and Postdocs FY 2015-2016
Minimum Salaries for Graduate RA and Postdocs FY 2016-2017
Revised Postdoctoral Scholar Minimum Salary Requirement for FY 2016-2017
Minimum Total Stipends for USC Graduate Students