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Proteomics & Spectroscopy

Chemistry Instrumentation Facility

Instruments at the Chemistry Instrumentation Facility are maintained and supervised by technical personnel as departmental facilities. Equipment and services include: Bruker Vertex 80 FTIR spectrometer with vacuum capability; Cary 14 UV-Visible spectrometer; Bruker EPR spectrometer; Jasco temperature-controlled digital polarimeter; Applied Biosystems MALDI mass spectrometer; Bruker APEX diffractometer with a CCD area detector for single-crystal applications; Rigaku Ultima IV powder/thin film diffractometer; Horiba XploRA Raman Microscope System with low temperature cell attachment and a Horiba NanoLog Spectrofluorometer System with both visible and near-IR detectors; as well as a wide variety of specialized laser spectroscopy equipment, surface analysis instruments, mass-selective gas chromatography, mass-selective HPLC, and scanning probe microscopes. The facility also houses the USC Provost’s NMR Spectroscopy Center.

University Park Campus
USC Department of Chemistry
3620 McClintock Avenue, SGM 418
Los Angeles, CA 90033
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USC Center of Excellence for Molecular Characterization

The Department of Chemistry operates a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy lab for the investigation of magnetic properties of nuclei, providing information on the number and type of chemical entities in molecules. Equipment includes: NMR spectrometers, a Quantum Technologies Helium Liquifier as well as additional equipment available at their X-Ray Crystallographic facility. The Center also provides access to analytical software and computational workstations, including Varian VNMRJ for Red Hat Linux, Mestrelab MestReNova (all platforms) and Chemistry data archival services.

University Park Campus
Laird J. Stable Memorial Hall
840 Downey Way, LJS 159
Los Angeles, CA 90033
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Proteomics Core

Located at the CHLA Saban Research Institute, the Proteomics Facility utilizes proteomics with advanced mass spectrometry to investigate protein functions and roles in disease. Equipment and services include: poteomics and mass spectrometry services utilizing Eksigent nanoLC-2D and Thermo LTQ Orbitrap XL. Proteomics software includes Thermo Bioworks and Protein Scaffold Software.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, CHLA
Smith Research Tower
4546 Sunset Blvd., Rm 106, MS#64
Los Angeles, CA 90027
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Proteomics Core Facility

The USC Proteomics Core is located at the Hoffman Medical Building at the Keck School of Medicine. Equipment and services include: high-sensitivity and high-resolution mass spectrometry for protein and peptide analysis.

Health Sciences Campus
511 Hoffman Medical Research Center
2011 Zonal Ave Los Angeles, CA 90033
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