University of Southern California


Reduction in Effort Requiring Approval

Reducing the level of effort that a PI or Key Person intends to commit to a funded project may require the prior approval of the sponsor. Individual awards should be reviewed for specific guidance.

Documentation Required – In cases where prior sponsor approval is required, submit a Post Award Change Request and include: (1) the most recent sponsor-approved level of effort; (2) the new level of effort being requested; (3) a justification related to the project; (4) either an attestation that the goals or specific aims of the project can still be met with the reduced effort or a description of proposed changes to the goals or specific aims; and (5) the effective date of the proposed change

Approvals Required – (1) Principal Investigator; and (2) Dept. Chair/Unit Head or designee. Sponsor approval may be required for non-federal awards and federal awards not subject to the Federal-Wide Research Terms and Conditions (formerly known as the Federal Demonstration Partnership or FDP). Sponsor approval is required for federal awards subject to the Federal-Wide Research Terms and Conditions when the change in effort is equal to or greater than 25%.