University of Southern California


RFA-GM-18-003: Coordination Center for the Models of Infectious Disease Agent Study (MIDAS) Program (U24 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Slots:                                                     1                             

Internal Deadline:                           Contact the Office of Research if interested.

LOI:                                                        N/A       

External Deadline:                          May 31, 2018, by 5:00 PM local time

Award Information:                        Type:  Cooperative Agreement

Estimated Number of Awards: 1

Anticipated Amount: $1,500,000 (total costs)

Submission Process:                     PIs must submit their application as a Limited Submission through the Office of Research Application Portal:


Materials to submit:


Link to Award:                         

Who May Serve as PI:                    Each PD/PI is required devote at least 2.25 (AY) person months to this effort and the contact PD/PI is required to dedicate at least 2.7 (AY) person months to this effort.


This FOA solicits applications for a MIDAS Coordination Center that will support and extend the work of the MIDAS research groups by (i) providing the infrastructure to maintain and make available all MIDAS-related resources; (ii) collecting, managing and generating Gold Standard Datasets relevant to the systems they are studying; (iii) providing support for collection and dissemination of information and for outreach; (iv) providing logistical support for MIDAS activities; and (v) conducting evaluation and meta-analysis of MIDAS resources. To maximize the output of the network, the Coordination Center will store, manage, and promote the shared efforts (i.e., models, synthetic population datasets) generated by the research groups in the MIDAS network.


The role of the MIDAS Coordination Center will encompass:

The Center must build a governance team consisting of one or more PDs/ PIs with expertise in modeling, data science, and management of personnel in a research setting. A multi-PD/PI structure is encouraged but not required. Leadership of the Center should leverage existing resources and unique institutional assets to meet the needs of the MIDAS network. Leadership must maintain a single Steering Committee to advise on event planning and allocation of Center resources. The Steering Committee will consist of a group of at least five funded MIDAS PDs/PIs each serving a two-year term with potential to renew. Applicants are not to form this Steering Committee prior to an award and should not contact or mention potential members of the Steering Committee in this application.  Additional committees and subcommittees are discouraged. The Steering Committee will hold one in-person meeting at the annual investigators’ conference as well as optional teleconferences. A summary of the issues discussed by the Steering Committee, as well as recommendations made and actions taken, must be included in the yearly progress reports submitted to NIGMS.


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