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Routing a Proposal Record

                                                            (For Best Viewing, Watch in Full Screen)

When all of the Proposal Record sections have been completed, a new “Route for Review” section will appear.

Proposal Attachments
The Route for Review section will ask if
you have included the Proposal Attachments in the Attachments Tab? If “No” is selected, a prompt will appear reminding you to upload the proposal attachments.

DCG Officer Selection
You will be asked to select the DCG Officer that this proposal record will be routed to. If you do not know who the DCG Officer is for your department, please see the DCG Contacts by Department page.

Note: DCG Officers are assigned by department and sponsor type. Each department has an assigned DCG Officer based on the type of sponsor (i.e. federal, non-profit/hospital/university, and industry/foreign). Select the appropriate DCG Officer based on unit and sponsor type. Selecting the correct DCG Officer is vital in ensuring that the proposal record gets routed to the right person.

Routing the Proposal Record
When all of the fields in the “Route for Review” section have been completed (along with all of the other required fields on the rest of the proposal record), the Route for Review button in the “My Actions” area will turn blue, indicating it is ready for routing. Once you click on the “Route for Review” button, the proposal status will change from “In Development” to “Under Review”. The proposal record will be locked at this point. 






The Routing Section
The “Routing” section of the Proposal Form shows all person(s) who need to certify (PIs/CoPIs) and approve (School, DCG)  the proposal record in order to move the proposal status from “Under Review” to “Approved”.

This section includes the below fields:

The certification and approval order starts with all PI’s/Co-PI’s >  School > Department of Contracts and Grants. For a more in-depth look at proposal record routing, please see the Cayuse SP Workflow page.