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The Sponsor section of the Proposal Record contains information about the Sponsor, including deadline dates, solicitation numbers, and sponsor guidelines.

The entity external to USC to which USC submits a proposal, or from which it receives an award.

If you are unable to locate the Sponsor in the dropdown menu, please fill out a Sponsor & Subaward Request Form. You will be notified when the Sponsor has been added to the system.

NOTE: Before completing a Sponsor Request Form, ensure that you have spelled out the entire name of the Sponsor and/or specifically searched for some of the major words within the Sponsor name.

Sponsor Deadline Date:
The date and time of the proposal deadline as identified by the Sponsor’s funding announcement.

Note: If you select a day that has already passed, a message will appear stating that the proposal is being submitted After the Fact.

The Funding Opportunity Announcement/Solicitation number.

Sponsor Guidelines URL:
The URL of the Sponsor’s proposal guidelines (if applicable).

Limited Competition:
Competitions for awards by outside agencies for which USC can only nominate a limited number of candidates.

Is there an institutional limit on the number of proposals?


If yes is selected, approval from the Office of Research is required prior to submission to the sponsoring agency. Additionally, the associated approval will need to be uploaded to the Attachments section of the proposal record.















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