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Starting a New Award in Cayuse SP

Step 1: Go to and enter your USC issued Shibboleth Username and password.

Step 2: Click “Sign in”

Step 3: Once logged in to the system, you will be taken to the Cayuse Homescreen.

Step 4: Navigate to Sponsored Projects by clicking on the “Products” drop-down menu and click Sponsored Projects.

Step 5: On the SP Dashboard, click ‘Awards’.  This will take to the Awards Section in Cayuse SP.

Step 6: From within the Awards Section dashboard, click “Start New Award

When the pop-up window appears, choose “Create a new Project (create a new project and award at the same time)”.

Enter the title of your Award and click “Create New Project and Award”.

Step 7: The award form will display on the screen. The form contains a number of sections. Each section must be completed in order to route the award for review and approval. You can complete each section in whichever order you choose.

Note that the numbers in the red circles next to the section header indicates the number of mandatory fields within the section. Red circles with exclamation marks (!) indicate that there are no mandatory fields, but users are required to view and complete the relevant fields within the section. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*) or a red bar along the side of the field.















All mandatory fields must be filled before the proposal can be routed for review!

Step 8: All of the required questions in a section must be answered in order for a section to be complete and for a green check mark to be displayed. All sections must be completed in order to route an award for review.

Routing for Review

In order to route the award for review, click the Route for Review button in the My Actions section of the header. Once clicked, the button will become inactive. The status of the record will change to Under Review and the award will begin routing for approvals.


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