University of Southern California


Steps for Setting Up an Award

The sponsoring agency typically notifies DCG or the principal investigator of its intent to make an award to USC for proposed work. Often advance notice is provided via a “just in time” request for updated or additional information. At this time, the sponsor can request changes in the work plan or budget.

1. Once you have been notified of an award, work with the research administrator in your school, department or center to prepare any requested information as quickly as possible.

2. You may also need to complete all regulatory reviews prior to award. If you have not already done so, be sure to submit all needed protocols for review and approval.

3. Once all modifications are complete, DCG will submit your revised proposal along with any accompanying materials to the sponsor.

Once an award is received or fully executed, DCG will establish or modify the award. To expedite the processing of the award, your research administrator should submit the following documents to DCG as quickly as possible.

Budget Identifying Object Codes

Signed PI Acceptance Memo

Verification of Regulatory Approval(s)

Awards with the above documents will receive priority treatment.