University of Southern California


Steps For Submitting a Proposal

1. Identify Funding Opportunity Follow solicitations on Grants.govGrant Forward or other sources.

2. Notify the Research Administrator (School, Department or Center)  Tell him/her: (1) solicitation you intend to apply to, (2) funding source, (3) due date, (4) who will work on the proposal, (5) your budget parameters, (6) period of performance and (7) any requirements for regulatory review. (If your solicitation limits the number of proposals that can be submitted from USC, also contact the Office of Research to request permission to submit your proposal.)

3. If Applying to a Health and Human Service (HHS) Agency Make sure that you have a current financial disclosure submitted through diSClose (annual disclosure is required). In addition, make sure that your conflict of interest training is current (must be within four years). These are required to submit a proposal to HHS.

4. Write Your Proposal Try to finish a first draft at least several weeks in advance of the due date. Give your draft to others for review; edit and revise.

5. Prepare Your Budget Identify your costs and develop a budget consistent with the solicitation or guidelines.  Costs must be reasonable, allowable and allocable to the specific project.  Refer to Budget Guidelines, Budget Template and Financial Information to facilitate proposal budget development. High-level budget information will need to be entered on the Proposal Approval Record (PAR) or Kuali Coeus (KC) prior to routing and approval.  Your Research Administrator can assist you in budget development.

6. Route the Proposal For Any Needed Approvals Route the proposal for approval (via the PAR or KC PreAward) once you have completed the mandatory questions, and uploaded or attached your budget and proposal (at least one week in advance of due date). For KC proposals:  DCG has developed a Pre-Award Quickguide to assist proposal development. For PAR proposals:

7. Submit the Complete Proposal to DCG The complete proposal should be routed to DCG at least three business days in advance of the proposal due date. This process is automated if using KC.

8. DCG Will Review & Submit the Proposal DCG will review the proposal consistent with the solicitation and/or sponsor guidelines. DCG will also work with you and your research administrator to make corrections and submit the proposal to the sponsor once corrections are made.

9. DCG Will Provide Confirmation DCG will provide confirmation to you and your research administrator when the proposal has been received by the sponsoring agency, for digital submissions.