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Structural Biology

Nanobiophysics Core

The NanoBiophysics Facility provides researchers with resources to investigate the structure and interaction of biological and synthetic molecules, with emphasis on Nanoscience research. Equipment includes: a Biacore surface plasmon resonance T100; light scattering equipment, both dynamic and multiangle devices from Wyatt; a QuantaMaster 4 spectrofluorometer with near-IR capabilities and time-resolved accessory; an atomic force nanoscope IIIa; a synergy H4 hybrid multi-mode microplate reader; a CD spectrometer J-815; a MicroMax™-007 and two R-AXIS IV++ from Rigaku, X-ray generator/detector-Rigaku 007, protein crystal Screening Robot-Phenix, VP-ITC isothermal titration calorimeter and Crsytallization Robot (Crystal Gryphon).

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Structural Biology Center

Structural Biology Center @ Bridge (SBC@Bridge) would provide you all the necessary means required for structural determination of your protein of interest either soluble or membrane protein. Here at SBCB you have access to a world class facility and highly trained experts to assist you to achieve your goal.

SBC@Bridge can assist you in sample preparation, protein characterization, ligand search, crystallization, data collection and structural determination of your protein.

University Park Campus
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