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Submitting a Proposal

DCG Service Commitment for Proposal Review and Submission

The Department of Contracts and Grants is committed to supporting USC Investigators by assuring timely submission of complete and accurate proposals that have the best chance possible of success in the sponsor review process. To succeed in this goal, DCG offers a Service Commitment for Proposal Review and Submission. Complete proposals, including all required approvals in Kuali Coeus, should be received by DCG at least three business days prior to the proposal deadline. Proposals received in advance of this deadline will receive priority treatment. To meet this deadline, investigators are strongly encouraged to obtain all needed proposal approvals at least one week in advance of the due date.

Checklists for Submitting a Proposal

DCG has developed a Pre-Award Quick Guide for proposals submitted within Kuali Coeus. Please be sure to include the following:
1. A Draft Proposal, Budget and Budget Justification
2. Solicitation or Request for a Proposal
3. Certifications and Representations (if applicable)
4. Financial Disclosures and Complete Training (if required)
5. Scope of Work, Budget, and Approval from Subcontractor’s Institution (if applicable)
6. Commitment Letters from Consultants and/or Collaborators (if applicable)

Steps For Submitting a Proposal

For a detailed, step-by-step guide to submitting proposals, please see our  step-by-step guide for proposal submission.

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