University of Southern California


Takeda Innovators in Science Award in Regenerative Medicine

Slots:                                                     Each institution may submit up to two nominations, one in each category of Early-Career Scientist and Senior Scientist      

Internal Deadline:                           Contact the Office of Research if interested.

LOI:                                                        N/A       

External Deadline:                          June 25, 2018, 11:59PM EST

Award Information:                        Type:  Grant

Estimated Number of Awards: 2

Anticipated Amount: $200,000

Submission Process:                     PIs must submit their application as a Limited Submission through the Office of Research Application Portal:

Materials to submit:

Link to Award:                        

Who May Serve as PI:                   

Early-Career Scientist

The nominee must:

Senior Scientist

The nominee must:


The Award recognizes a promising Early-Career Scientist’s and an outstanding Senior Scientist’s contributions to science in the therapeutic areas of Neuroscience, Gastroenterology, Regenerative Medicine, and Oncology, and is intended to support their commitment to innovative research

The 2019 Award will recognize researchers in the field of Regenerative Medicine.

Nominees and their work as independent investigators will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

Early-Career Scientist


Senior Scientist

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