University of Southern California


The Cayuse SP Proposal Workflow


Any person at USC can login to Cayuse SP (Link Coming Soon) using their Shibboleth credentials. When a proposal record gets created, its typically created by a Research Administrator (or other support staff) working closely with a Principal Investigator (PI) to develop their proposal. If a PI initiates the record and they want a Research Administrator to assist them, they will need to manually assign those persons the right to access and edit their proposal record by utilizing the “Access” tab on the proposal record.

                                                               (Click Image to Expand)









Once the proposal record has been finalized,  a “Route for Review” button will become clickable within the proposal record. This button will lock the proposal form and push the proposal record into a routing chain.






The Routing Chain
The PI (and any Co-PI’s) will first certify the proposal record. He/she/they will get an email with a direct link to open the proposal record. Once opened, they will need to click the “certify” button and agree to the attestations. The proposal record is then routed to the school for approval. The proposal record is then routed to DCG for final approval and submission to the Sponsor.







At each of these different routing stages, there are associated “proposal statuses”. These statuses will be visible on the proposal record (see below). From the time the proposal preparer creates the proposal record in SP all the way until they click the “Route for Review” button, the proposal is considered “In Development”. When the proposal record gets routed for review and approval, the proposal status will change to “Under Review”. At this point, all of the fields on the proposal record are locked for editing, however attachments can still be added at this stage.










Once the proposal record is is approved by the Department of Contracts and Grants (DCG), the proposal status automatically changes to “Approved”. At this point, your DCG Officer will submit the proposal to the Sponsor and then change the proposal status from “Approved” to “Submitted to Sponsor”.

If anyone in the routing chain disapproves the proposal record, they will be asked to supply a reason and then the proposal record will change from being “Under Review” back to “In Development”, at which point the proposal record would need to be rerouted from the beginning again.