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Certificate in Research Administration

The Department of Contracts and Grants offers C&G Curriculum, a comprehensive training program in research administration.

Who Should Attend

C&G Curriculum is a resource for administrative or other support staff working at a program, department or dean’s office level. All university employees whose responsibilities bring them in contact with any aspect of contracts and grants will benefit from attendance.

Program Description

C&G Curriculum consists of four (4) core courses and six (6) optional courses offered multiple times throughout the year at both the University Park Campus (UPC) and Health Sciences Campus (HSC). Participants may enroll in as many courses as they choose. Each course lasts three hours and is presented by an instructor. Courses make use of real life scenarios, case studies, course discussion and review exams.

Participants who wish to earn a certificate in Research Administration are required to take a total of six courses: four (4) core courses and any two (2) optional courses. The certification program is not mandatory, but is highly recommended for those seeking expertise in supporting the research endeavor at USC.

Course Registration

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