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Teaching Responsible Conduct of Research

Who Should Attend

Course is designed for new and established USC faculty. The workshop is targeted at faculty who teach students about research methods, provide research assignments or engage students in research projects- whether in the classroom or through individual projects.

Course Description

What issues arise when it comes to RCR, and how can suh topics be integrated into existing courses and taught to students?

This workshop will provide lively discussion of ways to that USC faculty can teach and mentor students on the ethical conduct of research. The workshop leaders will draw from their own experiences teaching Responsible Conduct of Research courses, and engage participants in discussions on the core values of research ethics, as well as the modalities by which these values can be taught.



One 2 hour session (lunch provided). Offered once per semester.

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To register, please RSVP at least one week prior to the first class via email, indicating the course(s) you are attending, to

For information about workshops, contact the office at 213-740-6709.