University of Southern California


Transfer to New Institution

When a PI is leaving USC and is transferring an active award to his/her new institution, a request must be submitted.  The approval of the appropriate Department/Unit Heads and Deans/Directors indicates their willingness to relinquish the award. Upon receipt of the request, DCG will contact the PI for any additional information necessary to request sponsor approval of the award transfer.

Documentation Required –
 All requests must include: (1) Official Statement Relinquishing Interests and Rights in a Research Grant; (2) contact information of the office equivalent to DCG at the new institution; and (3) sponsor approval, if already obtained from the sponsor [non-federal projects only].

Approvals Required – 
(1) Principal Investigator; (2) Dept. Chair/Unit Head or designee; and (3) Dean/Director; (4) Sponsored Projects Accounting Sponsor approval is required.