University of Southern California


Transfer to New Lead Unit

If the PI of an active award is transferring to a new department and wishes to have the management of the award moved to the new department as well, DCG must be notified and update the award in Kuali Coeus (KC). The Lead Unit Chairs and Deans for both the relinquishing and receiving departments must indicate their support of the transfer by signing the request.

Documentation Required –
 All requests must include: (1) the new department name and ID number; (2) the effective date of the requested transfer; and (3) contact information of the Primary Research Administrator in both the current and new department.

Approvals Required – 
(1) Principal Investigator; (2) Dept. Chairs/Unit Heads or designees of current and new departments/units; and (3) Deans/Directors or designees of current and new schools/colleges, if also transferring to a new school or college.