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USC Symposium on Digital Media: Research, Education and Innovation

Welcome! I am pleased to have you participate in the USC Symposium on Digital Media. The symposium invites USC faculty to discuss the next generation of digital media, and USC’s strategy for building leadership at the intersection of technology, content, policy and business. The symposium will cover these topics through a highly interactive, and digital media enabled, format: Look Inside, Look Outside, Digital Tensions, and Moving Forward.

Joining us will be Peter Chernin, Chairman and CEO of the Chernin Group, as our keynote speaker.

At the event, we’ll be providing “QR Codes” to access information on the conference and attendees. You are encouraged to download software to enable your smartphone or tablet to read these codes. Instructions are provided below.

I look forward to a very successful event.

Randolph W. Hall, Vice President of Research

Symposium Outcomes

QR Code Instructions

The following free apps can be downloaded to scan QR codes and more:
Apple: Shop Savvy, Red Laser, AT&T Code Scanner
Android: QRDroid, Shop Savvy, Red Laser, AT&T Code Scanner

1. Locate your choice of app through Apple iTunes/ Android Market.
2. Install the program as instructed.
3. Open the application and start scanning QR codes by using the camera on your device.

Backchannel Communication Tool

Backchannel is a real-time interactive tool for conversing during a presentation. Audience members are encouraged to participate and join-in with questions or comments in parallel with the presentation.

Backchannel Instructions
1. Click on the Backchannel link and select the day (Day 1 or Day 2) in which you are attending
2. You will be prompted to enter your 1) Name and 2) Affiliation (department)
3. Select submit
4. Comment

Backchannel Link

Symposium Materials

Agenda for December 7th and 8th, 2012
Speaker Biographies
List of Attendees
Digital Media Presentation
IMSC Big Data Activities, Cyrus Shahabi
Technique and Technology, Scott Fisher
Annenberg Innovation Lab, Jonatahn Taplin

Venue Information

Shutters on the Beach, Santa Monica
Casa del Mar, Santa Monica

Useful Links

Digital USC
Creativity & Collaboration in the Academy
Scholarship Liberated from Paper at Last, The Chronicle of Higher Education