University of Southern California


What Happens After I Submit a Subaward Requisition?

  1. The subaward requisition will be assigned to a DCG Subaward Officer who will review the requisition and issue the subaward to the proposed subrecipient.
  1. DCG will send a Subrecipient Certification Form to the proposed subrecipient. The subrecipient will need to return the completed Subrecipient Certification Form, before DCG can draft and issue the subcontract.
  1. DCG will perform a subrecipient risk analysis based on the subrecipient’s responses in the Subrecipient Certification Form, and associated attachments. If a subrecipient is determined to be medium or high risk, departmental approval will be required to proceed with the subaward.  DCG will also suggest special subaward terms to help mitigate potential risk.
  1. DCG will also ensure the following are in place:
  1. DCG will prepare and send the draft subaward agreement to the subrecipient for review and signature.
  1. Upon receiving the partially executed subaward agreement, DCG will sign the agreement, return a fully executed copy to the subrecipient, approve the requisition, and enter the final subcontract into USC’s records.

USC strives to maintain transparency and clear communication with its customers on campus.  In order to facilitate this communication, DCG will notify the departmental administrator and Principal Investigator upon completion of the following milestones: