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What Investors Want: The Why & How of Elevator Pitches & Business Plans

Who Should Attend

business-plansThis course is for everyone (faculty, staff, students) at USC who desires to learn the art of developing pitches and writing powerful business plans.

Course Description

The 2014 entrepreneurial researcher needs to be able to articulate clearly in less than 90 seconds how and why investors will financially benefit from helping him or her launch a new idea into the marketplace. The elevator pitch is a well-honed, succinct message that explains the business opportunity that will catch and hold the investors’ interest in hearing more about your idea. The recipe and techniques to construct a powerful elevator pitch will be explained.

A great business plan appeals to the way investors think and this course deconstructs the mind of an investor to show how to write an effective business plan. This course will parallel the process of creating a business plan by discussing first the end objectives of the inventor and the investor. The conversation will then move onto presenting the elements of the strategy that turns a business plan from an average one to an outstanding read. Best practices and pitfalls will be demonstrated through the use of real life examples of bad and excellent plans.


Jon Lasch, Executive Director, Alfred Mann Institute (AMI)

Nathalie Gosset, Sr. Director, Marketing and Technology Innovation Evaluation, Alfred Mann Institute (AMI)


One 4 hour session.

Next course

September 10, 2014 | 9:00 – 1:00 PM | Location: Aresty Auditorium, Health Sciences Campus (HSC)

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