University of Southern California


What is a Subaward?

Subawards transfer a portion of the programmatic work under a USC prime award to another institution or organization, a subrecipient. To qualify as a subaward, the subrecipient must have responsibility for programmatic decision making and measurable performance requirements related directly to the USC prime award. A subaward is written under the authority of the USC prime award and is consistent with the USC prime award’s terms and conditions (a grant, contract or cooperative agreement).

A subaward must include a clearly defined, intellectually significant Statement of Work (SOW) to be performed by the subrecipient. The subrecipient’s SOW is performed by its personnel, using its own facilities and resources and usually at the subrecipient’s site.

The subrecipient is responsible for adhering to the terms and conditions of the subaward, including those flowed down from the prime award.  By doing so, the subrecipient is assuming creative and intellectual responsibility and leadership as well as financial management for performing and fulfilling its SOW within their approved budget.