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Research Administration News

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2014 Newsflash Archive

Number Name Date Issued
165 Annual Progress Reports Update 10/15/2014
164 Status of TARA Update 10/13/2014
163 American Heart Association Application Fee 9/23/2014
162 Additional Educational Information Attachment on Fellowship Applications 9/16/2014
161 C&G Curriculum Course: An Introduction to Proposals in Kuali Coeus 9/2/2014
160 Proposal Training in Kuali Coeus 8/6/2014
159 Updated Rate Agreement 7/11/2014
158 Training for Research Administrators 7/07/2014
157 RPPR Required for Non-SNAP Progress Reports 7/03/2014
156 eRA Commons & ASSIST Down For Memorial Day Weekend 5/12/2014
155 Revised NIH Policy on Application Submissions 4/21/2014
154 Non-SNAP Progress Reports 4/04/2014
153 C&G Curriculum Schedule 3/24/2014
152 NIH Salary Cap Increase for FY2014 1/22/2014
151 CMS Mandates CT Number on Claims 1/14/2014
150 C&G Curriculum To Go Live in February 1/10/2014