Research Administration

Below you can find resources for research administration, including information on key financial concepts, guides through the proposal and award lifecycle, grants management tools, and how to maintain research compliance.

Financial Concepts

Cost Sharing

Understand proposing and tracking cost sharing.

Cost Transfers

Understand the mechanics of all cost transfers.

Effort Certification

Process for managing sponsored project expenditures and cost sharing commitments with eCert.

Financial Projections

FiPS is a module designed to provide users with the ability to easily access account balances and perform financial projections. 

Gifts in Support of Research

Find policies to help guide you on a gift vs a grant.

Purchases and Payments

Business Services is responsible for purchasing and paying for goods and services on behalf of the university.

Recharge / Service Centers

FBS supports reservation, tracking, billing and payment for services and goods supplied by core facilities. 

Sponsored Projects Accounting

SPA oversees the post-award financial administration of sponsored research for the university.


Identify, propose, process, and manage a subaward.

Proposal and Award Lifecycle

About the Proposal Process

Learn about institutional information, budget basics, rates (fringe, indirect costs), and graduate student and postdoc salary.

Award Acceptance

Learn about award types, negotiating agreements, and award acceptance.

Clinical Trials

OnCore is a system for managing clinical trials and integrated with the electronic medical records.

Grants Management Training

Training for all individuals involved in research administration and handling contracts and grants.


USC guidelines on authorship, data sharing, diversity and open scholarship in research.

Intellectual Property

Find out how to file for patents, negotiate technology licenses, and disclose inventions with Sophia.

Proposal Preparation and Submission

Cayuse Sponsored Projects is a system for proposal and award management.

Research and Scholarship

USC guidelines and policies, funding opportunities, training, and other resources to jumpstart your research.

Total Access for Research Administration

In-depth view of TARA, USC’s system to manage proposals, awards, core facilities and regulatory compliance.

Research Compliance

Animal Care

Manage the regulatory process and requirements for ensuring your animal research is ethical with iStar IACUC.


Register your research using biohazardous substances with iStar IBC.

Compliance Training

PIs are responsible for ensuring their teams complete the required training on Research Training Finder.

Conflicts of Interest

Manage conflicts of interest and disclosures with diSClose.

Controlled Substances

Regulations for handling and using controlled substances and precursor chemicals with DEA.

Environmental Health and Safety Assistant

Use EHSA to review information about permits/labs, request waste pick-up, respond to safety inspections and more.

Human Subjects

Obtain approval and manage ongoing regulatory requirements with iStar IRB.

Radiation Safety

Manage the submission and review of research using radioactive substances and/or machines with iStar RBC.