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COVID-19 Research at USC

If you are doing any COVID-19 related research, we’d like to feature you.  This section is a resource for USC communications, USC leadership, USC alumni, and interested parties outside of USC.

USC Office of Research-Supported COVID-19 Projects

COVID-19 projects supported by the Office of Research.

USC COVID-19 Collaborators

Visit our Slack channel to solicit collaborations and share ideas.

USC COVID-19 Experts

Find a USC COVID-19 researcher by area of expertise.

USC COVID-19 Tools & Resources

Tools and resources created to help fight against COVID-19.

Basic Research

Basic research and studies related to COVID-19.

Animal Models

Research using animal models to study COVID-19.

Clinical Trials

Research that is undergoing clinical trials.

Testing Research

Research on testing for COVID-19.

Pre-Clinical Therapeutics/Drug and Vaccine Research

Research to find new treatments for COVID-19.

Demographic and Epidemiologic Research

COVID-19 studies based on demographics.

Behavioral, Social Science & Clinical Research

Emotional and psychological well-being during COVID-19.

Legal, Policy and Economics Research

COVID-19 law, public policy and economics research.

K-12 Education Research

Research on K-12 education during COVID-19.

Keck Foundation Sponsored COVID-19 Research

COVID-19 research supported by the Keck Foundation.

Student Activities

Student activities related to COVID-19.

Research Calendar

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