USC Stevens Center and IntelliMicro Discuss Future Commercialization Opportunities

In August, the Stevens Center’s interim executive director, Dr. Steven Moldin, and senior tech licensing manager, Bonnie Phan Wolfe, hosted IntelliMicro Medical Co.’s Chairman of the Board, Xiang Zhen Fei, and Golden Eye Bionics’s Director of Administration, Kate Miao to discuss future collaborations focused on the commercialization of medical devices, with current applications in the central nervous system and ophthalmology. IntelliMicro Medical’s collaboration with USC goes back several years including their notable donation of personal protective equipment to the University hospitals during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. 

“Having a well-established partnership with USC has accelerated our efforts to bring medical devices to the market faster. Dr. Humayun’s groundbreaking retinal implant technology has the ability to dramatically improve eyesights and lives for many people worldwide,” said Chairman Fei.

Headquartered in China, IntelliMicro Medical, a company focused on R&D and production of neuromodulation simulators, was established by California Institute of Technology, Golden Eye Bionics, and USC Keck School of Medicine’s Dr. Mark S. Humayun. Based in the U.S., Golden Eye Bionics aims at improving the industrialization and marketization of the new generation of intelligent retina. As a board member and scientific advisor for Golden Eye Bionics, Dr. Humayun developed a technology that is of interest to both Golden Eye Bionics and IntelliMicro Medical. The collaboration between USC and these two innovative companies involved discussions on retinal implant technologies, as well as future collaborations on the commercialization of other medical devices. Having a strong focus on ophthalmology, IntelliMicro looks forward to continuing their partnership with USC, in hopes of building and growing their medical device portfolio.

Dr. Moldin shares that “USC looks forward to working with outside investors and companies to support innovative USC research and innovation, by licensing our intellectual property that will ultimately benefit and impact society for the better.”