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TARA is USC’s “Total Access for Research Administration” system,
supporting management of research awards, proposals, core laboratories and regulatory protocols. TARA includes: Kuali Coeus (KC), diSClose, iStar, CORES, Financial Projection System (FiPS), Sophia and Effort Certification.

Status of TARA Project

For any questions regarding USC TARA log ins, searches, please contact the TARA help desk at or call 213-740-5857. For any other TARA-related questions, call 213-821-5461.

Log-in for: Kuali Coeus (KC)

KC manages awards, and is where one would prepare and submit proposals.

Log-in for: Kuali Financial System (KFS)

KFS manages accounts and finances. For additional system information, visit the KFS Website.

Log-in for: diSClose

diSClose is for submitting and tracking conflict of interest disclosures.

Log-in for: iStar

iStar is for submitting and tracking IRB protocols.

Log-in for: Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

IACUC allows one to submit and track IACUC protocols.

Log-in for: Institutional Biosafety (IBC)

IBC allows one to submit and track IBC protocols.

Log-in for: CORES

CORES is an automatic billing system for recharge service centers.

Log-in for: Financial Projection System (FiPS) and TARA Reports

FiPS can project expenditures and analyze changes in budgets.

Log-in for: Radiation Safety

Radiation safety allows one to submit and track Radiation Safety protocols

Log-in to Sophia for: Intellectual Property Management

Use Sophia to file an invention disclosure, request a material transfer agreement “MTA” or request a confidentiality agreement “CDA” related to technology transfer.

Effort Certification – Verify effort on sponsored projects.

EH&S Assistant – Safety Management

Repository of radiological, chemical and fire safety information including chemical inventory, waste pick-ups, and inspection information. Planned for 2015.

Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)

CTMS is a central repository for study-related information for clinical trials. USC is evaluating alternatives to meet our requirements.


Research Calendar

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