University of Southern California


COVID-19 Research Continuity

As of May 21 from Office of the Provost: We are now in Phase 4, while continuing to adhere to physical distancing, PPE, and testing guidelines. (learn more).

General Research Guidance

Guidelines, campus access, students, visitors, reporting non-compliance, travel and contact information.

Clinical Research Guidance

Human subject research conducted at USC facilities.

Experimental Lab‐Based Research Guidance

Lab‐based research across USC campuses defined by shared spaces, equipment, and other infrastructure.

Social Science & Humanities Research Guidance

Research conducted with archives and libraries or in community settings with human subjects.

Computing & Data Science Research Guidance

Research involving computers and research occurring in computational laboratories.

Community / Field Research Guidance

Research in the field and at community research sites.

Human Subjects Research Guidance

Research that includes direct in-person interaction with participants.

COVID-19 Research at USC

COVID-19 projects from USC faculty and scientists.

COVID-19 Agency Guidelines

Institutional and agency responses to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Funding Opportunites

Federal, non-federal and internal funding opportunities.

COVID-19 Research Resources

Human data studies, datasets, computing resources, USC core facilities, and PPE.

Research Events

Upcoming webinars, expert-led discussions and online events.