COVID-19 Research Continuity

COVID-19 Research Continuity

As of March 31:

We are in Phase 5, while continuing to adhere to physical distancing, PPE, and testing guidelines. Remote options can continue to support de-densifying areas when possible. Beginning Monday, April 4, Trojan Check will no longer be required to access campus. Although your Trojan Check will not be verified when you access campus, all faculty, staff, and students should continue to check their symptoms whenever coming to campus. Trojan Check will remain available as a helpful tool to complete this. (learn more)

COVID-19 Research Guidance

Returning to Campus

Restart Plans should reflect all the information on this page.

COVID-19 Vaccination

All faculty, staff, and students must be fully vaccinated with a booster or have an approved medical or religious exemption.

Symptom Screening and Testing

Everyone must complete Trojan Check daily prior to accessing campus and test as required.

Mask/Face Covering

Everyone must wear a medical grade mask.

Use of Shared Spaces and Equipment

Wherever possible, faculty and staff should use only their own equipment.

Reporting Non-Compliance

Any non-compliance to safety policies may be reported.

Illness Policy

Anyone with symptoms or exposure should refrain from coming to campus and contact USC Student Health for testing.


Visitors are expected to follow all public health guidance and abide by campus guidelines.


Students (PhD, MS, and undergraduates) are now allowed to work on campus in person in approved activities.


Non-essential travel is discouraged for unvaccinated individuals.

COVID-19 Research at USC

USC Office of Research-Funded Research

COVID-19 projects supported by the Office of Research.

Keck School-Funded COVID-19 Research

COVID-19 research supported by the Keck Foundation.

Basic Research

Basic research and studies related to COVID-19.

Animal Models

Research using animal models to study COVID-19.

Clinical Trials

Research that is undergoing clinical trials.

Testing Research

Research on testing for COVID-19.

Tools & Resources

Tools and resources created to help fight against COVID-19.

Pre-Clinical Therapeutics, Drug/Vaccine Research

Research to find new treatments for COVID-19.

Demographic and Epidemiologic Research

COVID-19 studies based on demographics.

Behavioral, Social Science & Clinical Research

Emotional and psychological well-being during COVID-19.

Legal, Policy and Economics Research

COVID-19 law, public policy and economics research.

K-12 Education Research

Research on K-12 education during COVID-19.

Student Activities

Student activities related to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Research Resources

Funding Opportunities

Federal, non-federal and internal COVID-19 funding opportunities.

Funding Agency Guidelines

Institutional and agency responses to COVID-19 funding opportunities.


Human data studies, datasets, and more to aid in your COVID-19 research.

Computing Resources

Computing resources to accelerate new discoveries in the fight against COVID-19.

Other Resources

Various reports, tools, and more to expand your knowledge of what’s available about COVID-19 research.

Shared Resources

Core facilities and equipment at USC to help you do COVID-19 research.

USC Research Slack Channel

Visit our Slack channel to share ideas and solicit collaborations about COVID-19 research.

COVID-19 Research Events

Upcoming research-related events and training at USC (or of importance outside USC).