Center for Islamic Thought, Culture and Practice

The USC Dornsife Center for Islamic Thought, Culture and Practice (CITCAP) promotes scholarly research and community engagement on the relationship between Islam, Muslims, and contemporary society in the East and West. CITCAP brings together the intellectual tradition of Islam, the evolving realities of modern cultural and sociopolitical life, and the challenges and opportunities facing Muslims…

Center for Ethnographic Media Arts

The USC Dornsife Center for Ethnographic Media Arts (CEMA) is a media arts research center focusing on the development of innovative audiovisual work by practice-led researchers working across disciplines at USC. With a fellowship program, workshops, and events with guest artists, CEMA contributes to interdisciplinary approaches to arts-based research at USC

USC Annenberg Institute of Sports, Media & Society

Housed in the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, the Annenberg Institute of Sports, Media, and Society promotes academic programs, international research initiatives and professional engagement in the competitive world of sports and media.

The New Normal

The New Normal: Parents, Teens, and Mobile Devices Around the World is a multi-year research collaboration between USC Annenberg and Common Sense designed to advance cross-cultural exploration of family digital media engagement. This global mapping project has a unique and specific focus on parents and teens, the ways in which they are adopting and adapting to mobile devices in…

Charlotta Bass Journalism and Justice Lab

Black activists from Washington, Oregon and California have used media to craft human rights campaigns that often set the agenda for the rest of the nation, for nearly 175 years. From the days of the Gold Rush — through today’s Black Lives Matter movement — Black social justice journalism has galvanized change. Still, there has…

Architecture + Advocacy

Architecture” and “advocacy” might not seem like they go together. But for our team, these two words are inseparable; they speak to the social responsibility of architects, the power of a community to design their own spaces, and our origins as an organization.

Global Initiatives

Since 1959, the American Language Institute (ALI) has been providing English language instruction, assessment, and resources to support the academic and professional success of non-native speakers of English pursuing degrees at USC. The ALI offers English language courses for those students who want to improve their English as well as those who are required to…

Center on Science, Technology and the Public Life

The USC Dornsife Center on Science, Technology and Public Life (STPL) generates a unique conversation among humanists, social scientists, and natural scientists about the social and political implications of new developments in science and technology. Through public programming, research, and training, STPL fosters sustained reflection on the possibilities and limits of technological innovation.

Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration

The mission of the Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration (CSII) is to promote forward-looking narratives that support the integration of diverse immigrant and U.S.-born communities, lift up the intersection of racial justice and immigrant rights, and strengthen the base for intersectoral collaborations.

Art, Religion, and History Collaborative Group

Religions and their historical contexts underlie a broad span of human activity from the creation of great art and architecture to deep-seated gender and racial bias, as well as the interrelationships between humanity, other living beings, and the natural environment. The academic study of religion, from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, is an urgent priority…