DoE Computational Synthesis of Materials Software

MAGICS center develops computational materials science software. Materials simulations using our software are validated using ultrafast x-ray-laser and ultrafast electron diffraction experiments at Stanford. Simulation and experimental data from the MAGICS center are also distributed through the Materials Project at Berkeley Lab.

The New Normal

The New Normal: Parents, Teens, and Mobile Devices Around the World is a multi-year research collaboration between USC Annenberg and Common Sense designed to advance cross-cultural exploration of family digital media engagement. This global mapping project has a unique and specific focus on parents and teens, the ways in which they are adopting and adapting to mobile devices in…

Media, Economics & Entrepreneurship (M{2e})

Media, Economics & Entrepreneurship—M{2e}—is an interdisciplinary program  and undergraduate minor that studies the economic forces reshaping the communications landscape. We combine your media skills with business skills to help you launch your own career in the industry. We work with leading companies in the field to provide hands-on opportunities to students who want to lead…

VanEck Digital Assets Initiative

The VanEck Digital Assets Initiative at USC’s Marshall School of Business is a hub for education, research, industry partnerships, academia-meets-industry events, and promoting the ecosystem of digital assets, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens, and the metaverse.

Initiative on Digital Competition

The continued and rapid growth of E-commerce has generated questions about the consequences for society, business, and the global economy. The USC Marshall Initiative on Digital Competition, starting in January 2021, aims to discover insights on these questions through a collaboration of industry practitioners and academics from business disciplines as well as non-business disciplines (e.g.…

Center for City Design

The Center for City Design advances radical alternatives to exclusionary policies and extractive practices that shape our cities today. Through the lens of spatial and social justice, the Center catalyzes critical research, creative work, and strategic collaborations to address precarious living and working conditions in cities everywhere.

Center on Science, Technology and the Public Life

The USC Dornsife Center on Science, Technology and Public Life (STPL) generates a unique conversation among humanists, social scientists, and natural scientists about the social and political implications of new developments in science and technology. Through public programming, research, and training, STPL fosters sustained reflection on the possibilities and limits of technological innovation.

Center for Sleep Health using Bioengineering

Sleep health is increasingly recognized as an essential part of human health and well-being. The long-term goal of the Center for Sleep Health using Bioengineering (“SleepHuB”) is to position USC nationally as the leading institution that employs transdisciplinary approaches to solve important medical and societally relevant problems related to sleep deficiency. SleepHuB will be unique…

Zumberge Research Coordination & Team Building Award

The USC Research and Innovation (R&I) is launching a new Zumberge grant program! The Zumberge Research Coordination & Team Building (RCTB) Award provides opportunities to foster new collaborations between USC faculty, as well as between USC and other research institutions nationally, with the goal to support faculty teams working on collaborative, multidisciplinary new research projects. The RCTB…

Visualizing New Narrative Forms through Quantum Physics, AI, and Sustainability

The Visualizing New Narrative Forms through Quantum Physics, AI, and Sustainability collaboration is designed to drive new forms of pedagogical innovation and creative research at the intersection of art, science, and technology. The outcome will result in new types of narrative structure and media creation utilizing animated forms, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual…