USC Leonard D. Schaeffer Institute for Public Policy & Government Service

Leonard D. Schaeffer and his wife, Pamela, have donated $59 million to establish the USC Leonard D. Schaeffer Institute for Public Policy & Government Service, which will be anchored at USC and in the university’s new Capital Campus in Washington, D.C., university President Carol Folt announced today. The mission of the new institute is to…

Annenberg Inclusion Initiative

The Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, led by Dr. Stacy L. Smith, is the leading global think tank studying inequality in all forms of entertainment. The Initiative’s work catalogues discrepancies across gender, race/ethnicity, age, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, and mental health. The Initiative also identifies solutions and advocates for change.

Center on Knowledge Graphs

The Center on Knowledge Graphs research group creates new approaches for amplifying artificial intelligence using structured knowledge. The group combines expertise from artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Semantic Web, natural language processing, databases, information retrieval, geospatial analysis, business, social sciences, and data science. The center is composed of 16 senior ISI researchers, guiding the work…

Writing Center

We provide free, individualized feedback on any kind of writing to current USC students, faculty, and staff. We can help with everything from essays to cover letters to scholarship applications. Click any link below to get started.

Center for Applied Financial Economics

CAFE aims to promote a unified and rigorous interdisciplinary approach to research in finance that cuts across mathematical finance, econometrics and international macroeconomics. It encourages frontier and applied research and facilitates discussion and dissemination of research by organizing seminars and workshops.

Annenberg Game Lab

The Annenberg Game Lab empowers graduate students studying games and their players to conduct research with tools such as large-scale data analysis, surveys, interviews, participant observation, content analyses, and more in partnership with game developers.

Institute for Outlier Research in Business

iORB is a new type of business research institute. Our plan is nothing less than to revolutionize research that is performed at Marshall and other business schools, with the goal of encouraging work that has the potential for a transformational impact on society.

Peter Arkley Institute for Risk Management

The Peter Arkley Institute for Risk Management educates the next generation of risk management leaders for an increasingly complex and interconnected business environment. A curriculum focused on stimulating critical thinking and sharpening analytical skills equips students to meet the risk challenges of tomorrow. Born out of a collaboration with the Southern California risk management industry,…

Center for Dispute Resolution

Led by award-winning faculty experts, the Center for Dispute Resolution at USC Gould School of Law offers thorough preparation in arbitration, mediation and negotiation through its distinct degree and certificate programs. Students in the program learn to negotiate many types of settlements both inside and outside of the courtroom while gaining skills relevant to any…

Center for Affective Neuroscience, Development, Learning and Education (CANDLE)

The USC Center for Affective Neuroscience, Development, Learning and Education (CANDLE) brings educational innovation and developmental affective neuroscience into partnership, and uses what is learned to guide the transformation of schools, policy, and the student and teacher experience for a healthier and more equitable society.